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Muslim Humour March 30, 2006

Posted by muslimminds in Humour & Jokes.

So, I’ve decided that we are going to have a section dedicated to make you laugh. I guessed that all/most of you are pretty bored with your life. So, here is a joke to spice you up…

After the Jum’ah salah, the Imam of a Masjid stands up and makes an announcement. He said, “As-salamu-alaikum brothers and sisters. I hope all of you are doing well. Now, I have a good and a bad news for you. Which one would you like to hear first ?” People replied, “The good one”. The Imam said, “ok. The good news is, we have all the money that we needed to build the new mosque”. Then the people asked, “what’s the bad news?” The Imam answered, “The bad news is, the money is still sitting in your pockets!”

I admire the Pious but I’m not one of them .



1. TruBeardie - April 14, 2006

wow that was a realll,y good one…..good job keep it first…


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