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Intelligence of Imam Abu Hanifa (1) March 31, 2006

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I'm currently reading the biographies of the Four Imams namely: Imam Malik, Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Shafi'ee, and Imam Ahmad. So, I've decided to post some of the interesting incidents from their lives from which we might benefit,insha-Allah. Here is an interesting story from the life of Imam Abu Hanifa.

Most of the people think Imam Abu Hanifa valued opinion to an extent that sometimes he neglected some hadeeth or didn't even make an effort to find a hadeeth on a specific matter. This was also the case when the Imam was alive and the fuqahaa of 'Iraq were known for their opinions among the Muslims.

"It appears that Abu Hanifa met Muhammad al-Baqir(great grandson of the grandson of Prophet Muhammad-PBUH, Al-Husayn) at the beginning of his development (as a faqih). He first met him in Madina when he was visiting it. It is reported that al-Baqir remarked to him, "Are you the one who changes the deen of my grandfather and his hadiths by analogy?" Abu Hanifa replied, " I seek refuge with Allah!" Muhammad said, "You have changed it." Abu Hanifa said, "Sit in your place as is your right until I sit by my right. I respect you as your grandfather, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, was respectred by his Companions when he was alive." He sat.

Then Abu Hanifa knelt before him and said, " I will present you with three things to answer. Who is weaker: a man or woman?" "A woman", he replied. Abu Hanifa asked, "What is the share of a woman?" "A man has two shares and a woman one," he replied. Abu Hanifa said, "This is the statement of your grandfather. If I had changed the deen of your grandfather, by analogy a man would have one share and a woman two because the woman is weaker than the man."

Then he asked, "Which is better: the prayer or fasting?" "The prayer," al-Baqir replied. He said, "This is the statement of your grandfather. If I had changed the deen of your grandfather, by ananlogy would be that, because the prayer is better, when a woman is free of menstruation she should be commanded to make up the prayer and not make up the fast."

Then he asked, "Which is more impure: urine or sperm?" "Urine is more impure," he replied. He said, "If I had changed the deen of your grandfather by analogy, I would have ordered a ghusl for urine and wudu' for sperm. I seek refuge with Allah from changing the deenof your grandfather by analogy." Muhammad rose and embraced him and kissed his face to honour him."

Note: Muhammad al-Baqir, the son of Zayn al-'Abidin, was the brother of (Shi`ite) Imam Zayd and died before him. He was one of the Shi`ite Imams on whom the Twelvers (Ithna Asharites) and Ismai`lis, the two famous Shi`ite groups, agree. He was called, "al-Baqir" (deep seeker of knowledge) because of the serious way he sought knowledge. Although he was one of the People of the House (Ahlul Bayt), he did not speak ill of the first three khalifs.


Al-Makki mentions this conservation and it is taken from the book "The Four Imams" by Muhammad Abu Zahra. It can be found on page 169-170 in his book.

I admire the Pious but I’m not one of them .



1. Ashiq - March 31, 2006

MashaAllah, it always strikes me how knowledgable and wise and eloquant the sahaba and early generations were. Even in their questions, they probe and strike to the heart of the matter. Subhanallah, it’s really something to take a lesson from.

2. Abu Safiyah - September 20, 2006

This one is something i never heard. Nevertheless found it absolutely interesting.

One of my doubts are how long did Abu Hanifa ramuhuallah studies under Jafar Sadiq rahimahuallah?

3. Muhammad - February 9, 2013

These are the Question which were asked to Imam Abu hanifa By Imam Jaffar As Sadiq. Brother u Have Mentioned it other way round.
Here is a link .

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