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Intelligence of Imam Abu Hanifa (2) April 2, 2006

Posted by muslimminds in Lives of the Salaf.

It is related that there was a man in Kufa who stated, “`Uthman ibn `Affan was a Jew” and the scholars could not quiet him or impel him to say other than what had said. Abu Hanifa went to him and said, “I’ll bring you a suitor.” “Who for?” asked he man. “For your daughter. It is a noble man who is wealthy, generous and who knows the Book of Allah by heart. He prays at night and weeps frequently out of fear of Allah.” “One would be content with far less than this,Abu Hanifa !” “There is just one thing” said the Imam. “What is that?” asked the man. “He is a Jew” replied the Imam. The man exclaimed, “Glory be to Allah! Do you tell me to marry my daughter to a Jew?” “You will not do it?” asked the Imam. “No” replied the man.Abu Hanifa continued, “The Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, married his daughter to such a Jew,” meaning `Uthman, may Allah be pleased with him, whom the man claimed to be a Jew. He said, “I ask forgiveness of Alalh. I repent to Allah Almighty.”

Note: Muslim women are not allowed to marry men from Ahlul Kitaab (Jews and Christians). This in no way shows enmity against a particular race or ethnic group.

It is taken from the book "The Four Imams" by Muhammad Abu Zahra. It can be found on page 161 in his book.

I admire the Pious but I’m not one of them .



1. TruBeardie - April 14, 2006

wow…..good good…..

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