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Nasruddin Goes Fishing April 2, 2006

Posted by muslimminds in Humour & Jokes.

One day, Mullah Nasruddin decided to go fishing. He called upon his good friend Rabbi Moishe, got their poles and bait together, rented a small rowboat at the local harbor, and off to sea they went. After an amazing afternoon of fishing, the two men had caught thirty fish. An elated Mullah Nasruddin said to Rabbi Moishel, "Better mark this spot so we can come here tomorrow!"

The next day Mullah Nasruddin met up with Rabbi Moishe at the rental harbor for another day of fishing.

"Did you mark the spot?" Mullah Nasruddin asked Rabbi Moishe confidentially.

"Of couse," replied Rabbi Moishe, "I painted a big white X on the bottom of the rowboat."

"You fool!" Shouted Mullah Nasruddin and slapped his forehead, "What if we can't rent that same boat today?!?!?"

I admire the Pious but I’m not one of them .



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