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Intelligence of Imam Abu Hanifa (3) April 15, 2006

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This will be a short post insha-Allah. Since, we have not had a post for over a week now, I've decided to break the ice and post something. Enjoy!

It is related that, Ad-Dahhak ibn al-Khariji, who rebelled in the Umayyad era, entered the mosque of Kufa and said to Abu Hanifa (Rahimahullah), "Repent." "Of what?" he (Abu Hanifa) asked. He answered, "Of your allowing arbitration."**

Abu Hanifa asked, "Will you kill me or debate with me?" "I will debate with you", he replied. "And if we disagree on anything in the debate, who will decide between us?", Abu Hanifa asked. He replied, "I will accept whomever you wish." Abu hanifa said to one of the Ad-Dahhak's companions. "Sit and judge between us if we disagree." Then he turned and asked Ad-Dahhak, "Are you content for this one to decide between us?" "Yes," he replied. Abu Hanifa said, "Then you have allowed arbitration, so desist."

**He is referring to the arbitration that took place between 'Ali (RA) and Mu'awiyaa (RA) following the assassination of the 3rd Caliph, 'Uthman Bin 'Affan (RA). The Kharijites didn't like the arbitration and departed from the army of 'Ali (RA). The faithful believers wanted an arbitration in order to stop Muslims spilling each others' blood. It should be noted that Abu Hanifa (Rahimahullah) thought it was the right thing to do and stood by his opinion even though he lived in 'Iraq, which was full of 'Alawites andShi`ites and other sects.

It is taken from the book "The Four Imams" by Muhammad Abu Zahra. It can be found on page 161 in his book.

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