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The Question that “was” not even a question!!! April 22, 2006

Posted by muslimminds in News & Views.

Are u puzzled by the subject of this post? Have you ever heard stories like, some people used to come to the faquhaa of 2nd or 3rd century and ask them, “what direction would you face if you are on top of the Ka’bah or when you are in outer space?” And some of the scholars would not even consider that as an intelligent question given that such cases were rather “unrealistic” at that time. Guess what, now it’s not “unrealistic” any more. Wonder! how? Well, in this age of technology, it is self-evident that Muslims are not the leaders. However, that does not mean, we won’t be any more. Alhamdulillah, Muslim “heavyweight” Malaysia is planning to send astronauts into space. And one of the challenges they are facing is, how to pray in space? They are planning to organize a two day conference to solve this problem. If you don’t believe me, check it for yourself:

here is a fatwa by some shaikh on the question raised: http://www.islamonline.net/servlet/Satellite?pagename=IslamOnline-English-Ask_Scholar/FatwaE/FatwaE&cid=1119503546046

I admire the Pious but I’m not one of them



1. Name - April 29, 2006

Assalaamu ‘alaikum,

JazakAllah khair for the info!
Do you know how the meeting of the ‘Ulama turned out? What’s the conclusion?

Assalaamu ‘alaikum.

2. muslimminds - April 29, 2006

W.salam Wr. Wb.

Well, I guess they have not had the conference yet since the selection process is underway. If a Muslim is selected among the three people who are potential candidates, then they will organize the conference to find an answer to it. Moreover, if the Hindu person is selected, then there is no need to organize such a conference since the question would not be realistic any more. I’ll definitely check on the news regularly and have a post on the blog insha-Allah. Wassalam.

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